A post-apocalyptic story of survival and love in a time when artificial intelligence attempts to destroy civilization



Several years in the future a  new war is fought with artificial intelligence until the drones that were built to fight wars turn on humanity and begin to destroy all life on earth. Any remaining survivors of the war hide away in underground fallout bunkers. A man, known as Maxx is a survivor of the war and is escaping his destruction from the enemy drones, which are on the hunt to kill him. Maxx is carrying a bag that he must deliver to someone that he cannot live without any longer and Maxx’s survival rests in the hands of fate leading him to the safety of the bunker.



The visual effects used in the short film "Existence" were created to present a dystopian environment controlled by artificial intelligence that maintained photo-realism within an exaggerated scope. The software used to create the matte paintings for the visual effects shots included Photoshop for the layouts of the matte paintings and Nuke for the projections and lighting. Additionally, certain assets were created with Maya and textured in Mari. For creation of the AI drone modeling and rigging of the CGI was created in Maya and textured in Mari and Substance painter. Additionally, the laser was produced in After Effects, as well as the HUD display designs, both of which were later modified in Nuke with additional effects. Finally, every Asset was composited in Nuke and graded in Resolve. 

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